OTG Energy Specialise in a range of Renewable Energy Services across various sectors. We offer turnkey project management services to effectively audit your energy usage and design the correct system for your needs. Our staff will then deliver your project from start to finish using the highest quality products installed by our own highly skilled tradesman, not subcontractors. We can help you reduce your operational costs with tailored Renewable Energy Solutions for your home or business. Take control of your power supply now to escape rising power prices and reliance on unsustainable power generation. At OTG Energy, We are passionate about All renewable energy projects and will provide the same level of professional services to any project, regardless of size

At OTG Energy, We are passionate about renewable energy () projects.


New Solar PV systems are being installed at a rapid rate across Australia. This is largely due to recent advancements in Solar Panel and Inverter technology making small scale installations economically viable. At OTG, We employ Clean Energy Council Accredited Designers and Installers of Grid Connected Solar PV Systems capable of delivering complex solar installations of all sizes.

What We Offer

  • Residential to Utility Scale sized projects
  • In-house Clean Energy Council Accredited Designers and Installers (no sub-contractors)
  • Solutions to Complex Solar PV Scenarios

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New advances in technology have made small to medium scale wind generation projects economically viable for residential and commercial installations. Small wind turbines are installed in the same way as solar systems are (grid connected or standalone) and can be coupled with Solar to increase your generation capability 24/7.

What We Offer

  • Grid Connected, with or without battery storage
  • Stand-alone Power System “Off-Grid” Installation
  • Integration with Solar Installations

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The first step to tailoring the correct Renewable Energy System to your home or business is to understand your energy usage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our expert consultants will review your usage and provide advice on where you can reduce your energy consumption before we consider the best solution for your needs. Investing in energy efficiency reduces energy demand and avoids unnecessary expenditure on system capacity.

What We Offer

  • Energy Efficient Lighting Installation
  • Smart Meter Installation and Power Demand Monitoring
  • Tailored Renewable Energy Solutions for your home or business

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Electrical Engineering

Our In house Electrical Engineers are available to provide expert consulting services.

OTG Energy can provide expert Electrical Engineering Consultants to help deliver your Renewable Energy Project. Our in house staff are highly experienced in delivering large scale electrical infrastructure projects across Australia.

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Our Experience

  • Project Based Consultancy Services
  • Highly Experienced and Industry Accredited Staff
  • Large Scale Project Delivery Experience

At OTG Energy, We are passionate about renewable energy () projects.

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