Benefits of Battery Installation

If you are looking to maximise the benefits from your new solar installation we recommend that you install a battery with your generation system. Batteries lessen your reliance on the network by extending the use of renewable energy beyond peak generation periods.


Drivers for Combining Batteries with Grid Connected Systems

Reliability of Supply

For those who do not want to lose power during power outages.

Batteries will benefit businesses that cannot afford to lose power or they risk losing valuable trade or inventory. Other public facilities like hospitals have mandatory requirements to keep power running for patient health. Batteries can be programmed to provide power to dedicated circuits (eg lighting and refrigeration power circuits) when grid outages are experienced, providing reliable power to critical circuits at all times.

Avoid Peak Electricity Prices

For those who want to avoid the high price of power during peak periods.

Batteries can be installed to completely power your home or business during peak price periods. This is how significant cost savings can be achieved and the pay back period of your system drastically reduced. Batteries can also be programmed to be charged from the grid during off-peak periods overnight when electricity prices are cheapest, and used again during the morning peak period.

Minimising Import from the Grid

For those who have made the decision to install their system as an environmental choice.

Battery systems are scalable and can be sized to power your entire home or business allowing you to disconnect from the network altogether. These systems are often combined with Wind or Diesel Generators as a backup supply during periods of sustained inclement weather or simply maintain a grid connection if economically viable.


Misconceptions of Investment with Battery Systems

Misconception #1: “The current cost of batteries is too high and exceeds the benefits”

The upfront costs of installing a battery can seem a bit daunting at first. However, the long term financial and environmental benefits of installing a battery need to be considered over the entire life of the battery. If you are a large user of electricity with a Time of Use supply contract with your energy retailer, then you will benefit significantly from installing a battery. It is best to size your battery to at least meet your electricity demand during peak periods. That way you avoid having to pay for high electricity prices. Your battery will charge for free during peak generation periods (high wind or solar exposure) and discharge during the peak period at night. Batteries can also be programmed to charge during off-peak periods overnight, allowing you to benefit from cheaper electricity prices during the morning peak period. With proper configuration of your battery, it is possible to pay back the price of the battery in under 4 years.

Misconception #2: “Technology is improving too rapidly to enter the battery market now”

The same can be said about all technological elements today. That is not to say that the current available models are not highly efficient and suitable for use in all applications. Current model Lithium Ion batteries are at a price point where, with proper configuration, can be paid back in full over 4-7 years and are backed by a 10year performance warranty if installed and operated within the manufacturers specifications. This allows a significant period to realise a return on your investment after the system has been entirely paid off.


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