OTG Energy is a Renewable Energy Solutions Business. We strive to lead the pack in providing outstanding quality and professional service to the Renewable Energy Market. We are extremely passionate about renewable energy power generation and reducing our carbon footprint on this earth. We offer a variety of renewable energy services to all industries. Our aim is to reduce your operating costs by offering cost effective energy solutions to our customers in an open and transparent way.

At OTG Energy, we are not about a quick sale. We offer tailored solutions for residential, commercial and industrial business’s. We want to work with our clients to create the right system, within their budget and expectations. Our high quality products are professionally installed by our own skilled tradesman, not subcontractors. As a business, we know that our operational future relies on building a reputable past. We strive to exceed client expectations in every capacity.

We offer a variety of renewable energy services () to all industries


OTG Energy Specialise in a range of Renewable Energy Services across various sectors. We offer turnkey project management services to effectively audit your energy usage and design the correct system for your needs. Our staff will then deliver your project from start to finish using the highest quality products installed by our own highly skilled tradesman, not subcontractors. We can help you reduce your operational costs with tailored Renewable Energy Solutions for your home or business. Take control of your power supply now to escape rising power prices and reliance on unsustainable power generation.


The Power of Wind...

Previously, Wind Energy was only available on a utility scale. However due to recent advances in technology, this renewable energy source is now available on a residential and commercial scale. As Renewable Energy Solution Experts, OTG Energy are excited to offer our services to facilitate design and installation of a wind generation system to your home or business.

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The Power of Solar...

OTG Energy can design and install Solar Only Systems for your home or business. Our staff will design the best available system for your location and available roof space. We are not aligned with an individual manufacturer or supplier which enables us to provide the best available product for your needs and within your budget. OTG Energy directly employs Clean Energy Council Accredited....

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The Power of Audits...

The first step to tailoring the correct Renewable Energy System to your home or business is to understand your energy usage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our expert consultants will review your usage and provide advice on where you can reduce your energy consumption before we consider the best solution for your needs. The less you rely on the network, the easier...

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Electrical Engineering

The Power of Engineering...

OTG Energy employ highly experienced Electrical Engineers who are qualified and accredited to consult on or design your new Renewable Energy System. Our staff have helped deliver some of the most complex electrical infrastructure projects in Australia. Contact us to find out more about our in house electrical design capabilities. Our In house Electrical Engineers are available to provide expert consulting services...

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At OTG Energy, We are passionate about All renewable energy projects. We will provide the same level of professional services to any project regardless of size.


OTG Energy are the preferred supplier of Renewable Energy Power Solutions to Residential, Commercial and Government Clients. We are committed to finding end to end solutions to meet your sustainable needs and reduce not only your energy operating costs but also your carbon footprint. Our staff at OTG Energy are highly experienced in electrical contracting and have the experience and knowledge to deliver your project in a professional and timely manner. We are passionate about renewable and sustainable energy solutions on all scales and will work with you to tailor the right product for your needs.


Residential Installations

Clean renewable generation systems are becoming increasingly accessible to the average homeowner. Residential scale technology is now available at a price which makes installing a new system an economical investment as well as an environmentally conscious decision. What We Offer; Solar PV Installation, Solar with Battery Storage, Off The Grid Solutions, Solar Upgrades

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Commercial / Industrial

Commercial Installations

At OTG Energy, we are passionate about delivering large scale renewable energy systems. We are equally excited to be involved in large scale developments as we are seeing big corporations making a move to clean power generation. What We Offer; Safe and timely project delivery, Experienced civil and electrical engineers, ISO Accredited

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Government Installations

OTG Energy are Clean Energy Council Accredited Designers and Installers of Grid Connected Solar PV Systems. Our in-house design and install team have the capability to deliver even the most complex systems across all Government Sites. What We Offer; ISO Accredited SQE Systems, Clean Energy Council Accredited (PV System Design and Install), Strong Past Performance on Large Scale Projects

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Agricultural Installations

In remote areas of Australia, connection to the network is often not available or too costly to implement. OTG Energy can design Stand Alone Power Systems capable of powering your entire home or business. Scalable battery systems now mean its possible to remove redundant and costly diesel generators. Our Experience; Grid Connected PV Systems, Stand Alone Power Systems...

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At OTG Energy, we value all Renewable Projects regardless of size. We are large enough to deliver major projects yet small enough to tailor your residential needs.